Idea Map

Reference the map and idea form below to share your input! Show us what you’d like to see improved!  Where do trail / bike path connections need strengthening? What access considerations are needed? Have photos of trail elements you’d like to see — you can upload inspiration images via the form too! Scroll down to view the public ideas shared to date!

Asset here to download and view a larger PDF map.)


Public Ideas

  • I run and ride the trails and paths quite often. The one problem that I see is that very few are connected to each other. My idea is to run a connector path from the yellow path of the Sag Valley trail to the parking lot of the Cal-Sag Trail at 86th Ave. and Cal Sag Rd.

Response: We appreciate your taking the time to provide a comment and marked up map. We have reached out to Forest Preserve staff and we understand the parking lot in question does not belong to the Forest Preserves.  However a trail connection could be considered to the west of the lot. Forest Preserve staff has informed us that infrastructure has been invested to connect the yellow natural surface trail to the Cal Sag Trail approximately one mile west near Teason’s Woods. Although funding has not been assigned to additional improvements in this area, this is the reason to do long range planning!

If interested, the Forest Preserves also offers a simple online form to address specific trail requests:

  • It would be nice if a dedicated bike trail was built to connect the new LaGrange Rd. trail at Wild Cherry Lane to the existing FPCC trail to the north by the 119th St. underpass. This would include a crossing at McCarthy Road.
  • I think a trail needs to be made that would allow people to ride bicycles to the shopping center at 131st and La Grange (the Jewel Shopping Center). Ideally this trail would also go all the way to the Palos Park Train station. And any connections that can be made to the Cal-Sag Trail would benefit everyone. And speaking of the Cal-Sag a trail or path that can get people to the Plush Horse from the Cal-Sag would be great!
  • A wind sock or Village flag near the trail or on top of the bridge replica.
  • A map showing:’You Are Here’ with relation to nearby Village streets and the Plush Horse marked.
  • Outdoor digital display showing, “Welcome To Palos Park’, temperature, ads for the Village with upcoming event dates, like Autumn In The Park, concerts, etc.
  • A bike lane along McCarthy Rd between 80th Ave and Will-Cook Rd.